Commitment to Children Audit*

An opportunity for innovative advocacy on child rights


As the Xth Anniversary of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children (UNGASS) approaches, the Global Movement for Children looks back upon the decade since the World Fit for Children Agenda was agreed in New York in 2002 and calls for a joint assessment of the achievements made and hold governments to account on the promise of a better world to children and a reminder of the efforts needed to meet the MDG and implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Founded at the UNGASS, the Global Movement for Children will also reach its tenth anniversary in 2012. The GMC was created to reinforce a world-wide movement of people, organisations and children already working for children's rights to be able to speak with a strong united voice for the good of children and catalyse accountability of governments, international agencies, the private sector and Civil Society Organisations in their actions towards children.

The Commitment to Children Audit at a glance

The GMC has begun to lead a project to develop an innovative and powerful outreach and advocacy tool to measure the level of commitment governments have vis-à-vis children and rate them in a world ranking with the following goals:

  • Generate public support;
  • Draw the attention of policy-makers and leaders to child-rights issues;
  • Strengthen leaders' commitment to child rights.

The Commitment to Children Audit (CCA) is based on the belief that the true measure of a nation’s standing is its commitment to children and young people – to their mental and physical growth, to their protection and safety, to their education and preparation for citizenship, and to their sense of being loved, valued, and included by their families and societies.

An entirely new approach

The Commitment to Children Audit seeks to introduce a ground-breaking approach to monitoring accountability on children's rights and generating public debate on the issue.

For the first time, countries would be examined based on their economic resources and compared with others (economic and geographic neighbours) instead of tracking only its progress over time.

It is proposed that the CCA focus on:

  • Equity: moves away from monitoring averages, penalizing countries with big disparities. 
  • Commitment in relation to the level of economic resources: measures effort and performance in relation to the best performer with the same GNP per capita.
  • A dual analysis comprising an International Audit and a National Audit: the International Audit Panel will produce a world ranking based on internationally comparable data. National Audit Panels will complement the international evaluation and provide a more qualitative assessment.

  • Outreach: the CCA will focus on reaching out to the general public, policy-makers, NGOs and leaders.

The Auditing Process

The first round of the Commitment to Children Audit is planned to take off in 2012 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the UNGASS on Children. Initially, the project will be piloted in a few countries to then be gradually implemented in over 90 countries in the next few years.

The CCA, comprising both the international and national audits, will be run globally every two years and will measure the commitment of governments' based on one major indicator per area of analysis: survival, growth, education, protection, participation, subjective well-being and material well-being. Countries will be split into the two low-and-middle income and high-income groups and will be assessed accordingly.

An inclusive and participatory project

The participation of child-rights organizations at all levels is key to making this proposed tool truly effective in holding governments to account and having a real impact. For this reason, the first draft of the project will undergo a broad consultation process within the Movement for all constituents to contribute their feedback, ammendments and improvements.

The first draft of the CCA has been prepared over the past year by an international group of experts convened by the Global Movement for Children and led by independent report-card author Peter Adamson.

In early 2010, in discussions on how to strengthen the Movement as it moves towards its tenth anniversary, the Convening Committee agreed on the need for a common flagship project around which the entire Movement could rally. Upon a few proposals, the CC agreed to having a first concept paper of the CCA developed with a view to submitting it for consultation to all GMC constituents. 

Consultation is open until September 4th. If you are a national child-rights organization you can take the survey here.

For further information on the Commitment to Children Audit, you may:

  1. Watch the PPT presentation on the CCA
  2. Join the CCA Group on Facebook
  3. Subscribe to the GMC’s monthly newsletter
  4. e-mail the GMC Secretariat


* Commitment to Children Audit is a provisional name given to the project prior to the consultation process.


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