AMWCY produces an animated cartoon on how to keep safe during mobility

Barcelona, 28 July 2011 - In West and Central Africa, children often travel long distances to study, work or meet members of their family. They travel alone or accompanied, from one country to another or from rural to urban areas. During this journey, these children are at risk of being exploited, abused, suffering violence, getting lost, etc.

The African Movement of Working Children and Youth is made up of children and youth who actively work for the promotion of their rights and the protection of children. Among the many initiatives they undertake in the area of mobility, the AMWCY has produced a special cartoon on this issue.

In late 2010, around thirty AMWCY members from ten different countries met in Bénin to produce it. With the support of a few professionals, these young children followed every stage of the production process: setting the scene, defining the characters, script writing, drawing and painting of the cartoon, recording of their voices and even helped in the editing and animation part of the process.
After two weeks of collective efforts, they came up with the story of Tounga, an invented one, which is not too different from the reality many children experience in their own communities.

«Tounga, ça peut t’arriver» (Tounga, it could happen to you) tells the story of a young boy who leaves his village to go to the city in search of a better future. The journey is long and full of dangers. Tounga crosses the outback on his own and is attacked by a snake, arrested by the police and once in the city he sleeps out in the open and finally gets injured at his workplace. Fortunately, Tounga has an inner voice telling him what to do so he asks his friends for support, the working children and adolescents in the city who help him get out of trouble.

This way several issues are addressed: the dangers children may encounter during movement, how to better protect children who move and how to reduce the risks.

This 13’ animated cartoon aims at promoting the dialogue and debate on the different forms of mobility and their consequences among children, youth, adults and authorities.

This cartoon does not only allow to inform about the consequences of the mobility process of children and youth, but also to think together on the solutions to the problems they come across before they depart, during their journey and at destination.

Source: MAEJT

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