Primary Education Under Gun

31st March 2010, Turkana, Kenya, - The children are afraid. There are armed bandits hiding with stolen animals in the thickets behind Nawoyaregae Primary School in Kaputir Location.Cattle rustling and gory battles between the neighbouring Turkana and Pokot communities are the order of the day in this area, some 700 kilometres northwest of Nairobi. A long tradition of cattle raiding has been sharpened by competition over grazing land and water."The pupils cannot attend classes daily. Sometimes you may go to a classroom and find just a handful of them. This may go on for months. Again, school lasts just four hours so that children make it home early because of insecurity," says the school's he...

Declaration from the 8th Assembly of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth

During the 8th meeting in Cotonou, Benin the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) delegates noted that: The database is expanding with new groups of children, totalling up to 260,824 members and supporters who are in villages and 196 different locations of 22 African countries. We the children organized the existing initiatives on basic education, the fight against migration and early child abuse. We are advancing the 12 rights, again and again and sustainably among growing children. Our Income Generating Activities (IGAs) grow with the opportunities offered by micro-credit associations to their members. Our courses are developed with a variety of topics at the association....

Communication technologies for children in Africa

Communication technologies for children in Africa is a new focus of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth. The report of the AMWCY shares experiences acquired by working children and youth  in the use of information and communication technology and several forms of communication".Click here

Global Social Forum in 2011 in Senegal

For more information, please consult the source text in FR.

ENDA - Afrique Environment

Ouverture à Dakar de la réunion régionale sur l'adaptation des politiques de pêche aux changements climatiques en Afrique de l'Ouest. Réunion organisée par le Réseau sur les politiques de pêche en Afrique de l'Ouest Enda /(REPAO). Les changements climatiques rendent plus complexes les difficultés de la pêche selon le Coordonnateur du (REPAO). Clicquez ici

NIGER: Acute child malnutrition increases by 42%

28th June 2010, Niger - Nearly 17 percent of Niger’s children younger than five suffer acute malnutrition, a 42 percent increase over the same period last year, according to a national survey released by the government. More than 15 percent acute malnutrition is classified as a critical emergency by the UN World Health Organization (WHO). The report links this increase to the poor 2008-2009 harvests. The government, with UN agency and NGO support, surveyed 8,000 under-fives nationwide from late-May to mid-June. In Agadez region, only urban centres were surveyed due to insecurity.Without immediate intervention, the situation is likely to further deteriorate before the September harvests, a...


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