La red ANDI was established in 2003 as an initiative of the NGOs involved in promotion of the rights of children and adolescents. The Network supports the journalism that aims at putting into the public eye problems faced by impoverished citizens. It also contributes to promoting values such as equality and equity.

La Red ANDI organisations believe that good communications is the key to ensure smooth and efficient development transformations in the Latin American continent. The Network works towards mobilizing and training growing number of journalists. It also closely monitors the media in the 13 countries of the region.


The objective of the network are:

  • Encourage communication on social responsibility between journalists, corporates, information agencies and social actors (NGOs)
  • Promote the right to information regardless of gender, race, sexual preferences ect.
  • Promote exchange of experiences in the area of communications between the organisations belonging to the network
  • Build a systems of information at the national and regional level
  • Strengthen on-going democratic processes in the Latin American societies.

Regional Partners

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