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Children on the Move Conference videos available on GMC website

Barcelona, 4 May 2011 - The GMC has recently released two videos on the I International Conference on Children on the Move, held in Barcelona on October 5-7 last year. The first one offers a 5 minute overview of the conference, with images of the children and speakers that took part; the second one (part 1, 2, 3) is a thirty-minute long introductory video to the issue of Children on the Move itself using selected footage of conference speakers and concepts discussed at the gathering.

It is foreseen the Executive Summary of the Conference will be available in the coming weeks. The full report on the conference is already available on ‘Protecting and Supporting Children on the Move’.

Children on the Move Working Group

Members of the Children on the Move Working Group are finalizing the concept paper delineating the area of focus and fixing future actions to be taken. The concept paper is expected to provide comprehensive definition of the concept of Children on the Move (CoM), the context and the reasons for focusing on the CoM, risks and opportunities for migrating children, the current responses and failings, and the ways to move forward.

The Working Group is a follow-up to the International Conference on Children on the Move held in Barcelona in October 2010. The Group is not only responsible for carrying out the agenda agreed at the conference but also for identifying new challenges and looking for solutions.

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