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The GMC signs for a complaints procedure under the CRC

7th April 2010, Barcelona - The Global Movement for Children has signed a petition today to strengthen the enforcement of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by the drafting and adoption of an Optional Protocol to provide a communications procedure.

A complaints or communications procedures allows individuals, groups or their representatives, claiming that their rights have been violated by a State that is a party to a convention or covenant, to bring a communication before the relevant committee, provided that the State has recognised the competence of the committee to receive such complaints.

Eighteen years after adoption of the CRC, the basic human rights of millions of children are still not being met.

The CRC will soon be the only international human rights treaty with mandatory reporting that lacks a communication mechanism to challenge such violations (one is currently being drafted for the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and all other instruments have one). This is a serious matter of discrimination against children.

A communications mechanism would allow children and their advocates to appeal when domestic or regional remedies fail or simply do not exist. It would provide new pressure on States Parties to fulfil their obligations and also encourage them to provide effective remedies at national level.

The GMC has signed this important petition along with over 600 wolrd-wide organisations that are devoted to the rights of the child.


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