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Open consultation on the Commitment to Children Audit is about to start

Barcelona 1st July 2011 – Open consultation on the Commitment to Children Audit (CCA) is due to begin in July. Miquel de Paladella, GMC Executive Coordinator, said that “we’ve arrived at the point where the whole Movement needs to step in”. After months of experts’ work on the project the time for verification has come. It is expected that confronting the tool with the Movement’s needs will open up a whole new dimension of the CCA.

The consultation will raise questions around the validity of the proposed audit units and certain indicators that have been recommended by the team of experts led by Peter Adamson. For the last ten years, Peter Adamson has been the editor of the Innocenti Report Card series which deals with problems children face in OECD countries.  He was responsible for UNICEF’s annual report on the State of the World’s Children and launched UNICEF’s annual Progress of Nations report in the 1990’s, designed to monitor and compare progress in all countries towards the meeting of basic human needs.

The concept of the CCA will also be presented at the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) Conference on July 27-29, in York, England.

The Commitment to Children Audit takes a new, innovative approach that makes it stand out from the previous attempts to measure states’ commitment to child rights. The sets of objectives the tool aspires to meet are bound to make it a milestone in advocacy for child rights.

The CCA seeks to:

1.    Strengthen the capacity of the Movement to hold their governments and institutions to account on child rights;
2.    Coordinate advocacy efforts to increase the effectiveness of lobby actions vis-à-vis governments and institutions;
3.    Make child rights issues and efforts, or lack thereof, to realize them more visible to the public as well as stimulate thinking and debate on the nation’s commitment to children;
4.    Point to the gaps in data collection to inspire further efforts in search of new data that better grasps children’s reality.

The idea of developing a tool around which the entire child rights movement can rally and benefit from was born in 2010 and led to the creation of an international high-profile group of experts to develop the project.  The CCA is expected to be launched in 2012 to mark 10th anniversary of the UN Special Session on Children.

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